Masterteh d.o.o is the leading supplier of industrial parts for MRO (maintenance, repairs and operation), as well as OEM market (original equipment manufacturers and machines) for our market. Offering outstanding choice, quality and value, it delivers over 50,000 individual products, at competitive prices, from manufacturers of world-renowned brands. Masterteh d.o.o meets the needs of customers around the world. We guarantee fast and efficient response to the needs of our customers. Masterteh d.o.o helps consumers save time and money by providing them with adequate products to maintain their systems. Team Masterteh doo is working closely with clients to better understand their challenges and provide cost-effective solutions. We offer you products of the highest quality, from the world’s leading manufacturers, at the most competitive prices. Our professional team of experts is always at the service of our clients, with our existing experience and continuous improvement. We employ technical experts who have experience in different industries and understand the needs and challenges that our customers face.

We are the leading and the only distribution company, MRO, which offers a unique source of supply, with competitive prices of products from the world’s most renowned manufacturers, supported by the online state-of-the-art distribution network.
We are committed to overcoming customer expectations in every area of ​​our business.
We know how important MRO management is for the industry – Masterteh d.o.o:
It helps consumers to maintain uninterrupted production – supplying spare parts. This allows users to meet all their production needs, which are often unplanned and unpredictable.
It aims to reduce the cost of customers – through optimum livestock stock. We do this through our experience and specialist technical support.
Provides customers access to what they want, when they want it – we deliver all our products, 24/7/365. This is crucial for all the sophisticated production processes of our customers.
Our policy leads us to offer our clients the highest value, which are:
• Operation of the system without service
• Quick return on investment
• Extended time between refitting
Our solutions are synonymous with: Reliability, Stability, Repetability.
Quality policy consists of the desire to grow and develop through satisfied customers. Mastreteh d.o.o. respect all laws and regulations, with special attention to environmental protection in our solutions. All employees are obliged to build and maintain a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001, 18001 and 14001 standards and strive to continuously improve its effectiveness and efficiency …